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Continuous experimentation with the visual and technological aspects of our products is not just Dallmer's guiding principle; it is an integral part of its day-to-day operations. Countless awards underscore Dallmer's claim of delivering the highest quality in terms of creativity. Dallmer enjoys international acclaim for the exceptional aesthetic quality of its products and has been a pioneer of sanitary technology and bathroom design for many years. We won our first design prize in 1988. At that time, the Dallmer designer grates caused a sensation and set new trends in the bathroom. Today we can look back on a variety of prizes we have been awarded for different products. Time and time again, these awards validate our approach to give the design a high priority and to implement it down to the last detail.

We are particularly proud of our multiple-award-winning shower channels. Both the shower channels from our DallFlex family – including CeraFloor Select, CeraFloor Individual, CeraWall Select, CeraWall Individual and Zentrix – as well as our classic CeraLine have been recognised numerous times.

CeraFloor Individual shower channel

CeraFloor Individual

The modern bathroom/spa landscape has never offered more options to design and create your own unique wellness area. Fittingly, CeraFloor Individual offers the greatest possible freedom of design. This minimalist-elegant shower channel is not only available in five different colours; its cover can be fitted with almost any tile.

Iconic Award 2019

CeraFloor Select

Modern bathrooms can be tailored to the individual demands and aspirations of the user. These days, open and generously sized level-access showers are considered the epitome of luxury and good taste, which is why we designed the CeraFloor Select shower channel, a system that develops its full effect over a larger surface area.

Prizes - CeraFloor Select
CeraFloor Select shower channel

CeraWall Select shower channel

CeraWall Select

CeraWall Select visually accentuates the integrated drainage in level-access showers. Nothing is hidden away; even the functionality is emphasised through the use of high-quality materials. The shower area is defined by a sharp edge which also creates a visual link to the wall. Water is drained away reliably via an integral cross slope.

Prizes - CeraWall Select

CeraWall Individual

Integrated within the narrow area of the wall-floor joint, this shower channel is almost invisible.

Prizes - CeraWall Individual
CeraWall Individual shower channel

Zentrix shower channel


With its sculptural design, Zentrix perfectly combines form and functionality. The solid stainless steel cover plate opens up inwards with a soft curve to form a gap through which the water drains away.

Prizes - Zentrix


Creating space for innovative architecture: the multi-award-winning CeraLine shower channel is available in a range of exclusive versions, finishes and material combinations. From classic stainless steel (shown here) through to cover plates with PVD coatings in anthracite, rose gold and brass.* Thanks to CeraLine's flexible installation options, you can design your bathroom according to personal choice – as a front-of-wall or 'island' shower channel.

* Due to the technological production possbilities, the nature of the raw material and the lighting conditions, there may be slight colour deviations in the PVD surfaces.

Prizes - CeraLine
CeraLine shower channel

Best Of Selection of our design awards

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