DallDrain system family

Point drainage systems for floor drainage – for flexible combination or as practical complete sets


NEW "Covering all bases" is really that straightforward: the DallDrain, DallDrain Plan and DallDrain vertical drain bodies cover every possible installation scenario

At the construction site there is a lot to think about and a lot that you must not forget. It's good to know that you can depend on the DallDrain system family in every respect. Installation technicians are provided with an assembly-friendly, highly flexible floor drain for drainage of all sealed surfaces, for example in the bathroom, spa and cellar.

The basis for the DallDrain system family is formed by 3 drain bodies which can be freely combined with 18 different gratings. With this range of variants the DallDrain provides the right solution for every installation scenario. We have preconfigured complete sets for the most common installations. These sets are engineered to suit recurring conditions encountered with new builds, when refurbishing and in construction. The DallDrain Set Finder will help you to find the right products quickly and reliably.

We provide the appropriate accessories which make for reliability and simple installation. And of course considerable time savings. Our click-fit Dallmer sealing sleeve for bonded waterproofing according to DIN 18534, for instance - the screed reinforcement element for protection of the ball tip end for a shallow installation height and the practical assembly aid – makes for swift installation.


All the benefits of the DallDrain system family
at a glance

  • Highly flexible point drainage
    Two horizontal drains and a vertical version, freely combinable with 18 different gratings. 

  • Complete sets for the most common installation scenarios
    Preconfigured complete sets for regularly recurring installation situations for new builds, refurbishment and in construction save a lot of time when it comes to selecting a product.

  • Two-piece odour trap
    The removable two-piece odour trap is easy to clean and guarantees optimum hygiene.

  • Screed reinforcement element (DallDrain Plan)
    Protects the ball tip end and the floor structure in case of low heights. 
  • DIN 18534-compliant
    Thanks to click-fit sealing sleeve

  • Exact height offset
    With shortenable raising piece 

  • Tension-free connection to the wastewater pipe
    Thanks to the moving ball joint
  • Certified sound insulation in accordance with DIN 4109 and VDI 4100
    Increased sound insulation thanks to sound-absorbing installation feet and sound insulation mat which easily implement the specifications of VDI 4100 and DIN standard 4109.

  • Fire insulation (DallDrain vertical)
    With fire insulation element with full building authority approval

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DallDrain. Freely combinable drain and gratings

With 18 gratings and 3 drain bodies, DallDrain provides the perfect option for every installation scenario. Thanks to the modular construction of the system family, the right solutions can be found quickly and easily – whether it's as an individual combination or a preconfigured set.

For all the individual products of the DallDrain system family there are matching Select gratings with exclusive stainless steel frames, Individual gratings which are suitable for tiling and Pure gratings with plastic frames as an alternative for budget-minded clients. Further variants, such as non-slip versions or Individual gratings specifically for natural stone complete the range. All the gratings can be combined with all three DallDrain drain bodies. These drain bodies are available:

  • DallDrain with 85 mm height for new builds
  • DallDrain Plan with 55 mm height for refurbishments
  • DallDrain vertical with 24 mm height for construction

The respective accessories complete the system. Use our practical DallDrain Set Finder to put your drain together.


NEW ColourCollection. Form.Function.Colour

The Dallmer ColourCollection adds a new highlight to the innovative DallDrain system family: coloured gratings that skilfully set accents and give every bathroom its own individual touch. The new Dallmer ColourCollection is based on the Dallmer gratings made of stainless steel. Available in 16 matt-lacquered colours, these inspire new designs and give you more design freedom. Speaking of freedom of design: if you happen to be looking for a colour that is not covered by the Dallmer ColourCollection, please contact us – we can create almost any RAL shade. Do you already have your DallDrain system? Then can exchange your gratings for a coloured grate in no time at all.

Dallmer ColourCollection gratings are characterised by their striking perforated pattern – so much more than just colour. Graphic, precise and detailed, they adapt to the basic square shape of the design. The new gratings are also available in two sizes: 100 x 100 mm and 120 x 120 mm.

Dallmer ColourCollection
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